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Signs of Addiction

Act Smart, Save Lives.

It’s not always obvious that someone you know or love may be using drugs.

However, signs and symptoms typically follow addiction; so keep your senses open and aware of noticeable changes in the person you’re concerned for. You may be able to help before it’s too late.

If there is someone in your life who needs help fighting addiction, there’s hope. Contact us and learn how you can help save a life.

Key Signs Of Addiction


Physical Signs

Physical signs may include a change in appearance with inappropriate, sloppy or dirty clothing and an obvious lack of interest in self-grooming, a decrease in appetite and increase in weight loss, enlarged or small pupils, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, insomnia, and unusual body odors.


Objects to watch for are things like small pieces of burned foil and spoons with burn marks, needles, small tubes, cut up straws, shoelaces or rubber bands for arms and lots of lighters. Don’t be afraid to search your child’s room for these things, they may be hiding in places you wouldn’t expect.

Psychological Signs

There are psychological signs to be aware of like increased difficulties at school or work, loss of interest in maintaining grades and performing normal duties, constantly broke and asking for money, extreme mood swings, anxiousness, angry and aggressive outbursts, irritability, inattentiveness, lack of motivation, emotional withdrawing from people and extreme shifts in relationships, and unexplained paranoia. They may also be highly defensive, particularly when confronted with subject of substance abuse.

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