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What Is A Behavioral Health Assessment?

In order to receive public funding for Substance Use Disorder treatment, an individual needs to have a Behavioral Health Assessment. In New Mexico, a Licensed Professional Counselor gathers information about an individual through one-on-one meetings and decides what treatment focus the student needs.

Who Has To Get a Behavioral Health Assessment?

All students in our program.

How Do I Get a Behavioral Health Assessment?

Contact ATCNM at 505-281-8467 or email us at to start the process.

What Happens After My Behavioral Health Assessment?

After your Behavioral Health Assessment is completed, you will join weekly treatment groups already in progress both at the facility and at therapist’s offices. Individual weekly sessions will begin with a therapist focused on specific goals with collaboration from the student.

And as always, please call us if you have any questions or run into any barriers. We regularly help people get the services they need and navigate the insurance systems. We are more than happy to help you, just call.

Step 3

Fill Out an Intake Form

Our admissions team will be in contact with you for the appropriate forms and information. When filled out in a timely manner, we can keep the process going and get you help quickly.

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