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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get my GED while in program?

Yes, clients may earn a GED while in the program.

May I work while I’m enrolled?

No, while in our recovery programs, clients are not able to be employed, to seek employment, or to attend school. This is time to focus on overcoming substance use addiction and other life-controlling issues.  The exception is in the latter part of our long-term recovery program where transition planning takes place, and clients are preparing to return to the community.

Do you allow smoking?

No, our campuses are completely tobacco-free. We do provide smoking cessation support and allow eligible clients to use a nicotine patch for a period of time.  For most clients, not being able to smoke is far easier than what they’d expected.

What do I need money for?
  • Clients need to pay for personal hygiene and personal need items.
  • The amount you decide to bring with you is a personal or family decision.
Do you have a gym I can work out in?

After the clients first 2 weeks, ATCNM provides clients with a gym membership that is off campus.

Can you help with child protection service?
  • While in the licensed treatment program, your program manager will update the Child Protection Agency of progress, per court order.
  • For clients in our Long-Term Recovery program, a staff member can provide verification of client enrollment to a child protection agency, with written request of the client.
Do you help with legal advice?

Clients in our Long-term Recovery program have access to a legal liaison on a pro-bono basis to address common legal issues. This provides an opportunity to work towards resolving your legal issues while focusing on your sobriety.

Can I attend my sibling’s wedding while enrolled in a residential program?

Decisions to allow special passes are made on a case by case basis.

Can I attend the birth of my child while enrolled in a residential program?

In most cases, yes, assuming there are no legal or other restrictions, clients may attend the birth of children while enrolled in a residential program.

Can my boyfriend/girlfriend visit me while I’m enrolled in a program?

Decisions to accept visitors are made on a case-by-case basis. All visitors must be approved in advance by Executive State Directors.

Do you accept women and children together in the residential program?

Decisions to accept women & children together are made on a case-by-case basis by the Executive State Directors.

Do I need a calling card to make outside calls?

No, staff will provide a phone for every client to use during phone time.

Do I have access to a computer?

Yes, clients have access to a computer lab in the corporate office.

Do you have pianos?

Yes, clients have access to pianos.

Do all clients enrolled sing in the choir?

Yes, all clients in the program will be required to participate in all choir activities.

Can I have overnights with my spouse?

No, clients can not have overnights with their spouses.

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